Sunday, August 15, 2010

In the Mean Time... Sunflowers!

 I haven't forgotten about the blog! :)  I've been hard at work in the back yard, and while things are progressing, visually there isn't too much to show for it yet. I've been doing quite a bit of foundation work, laying the groundwork (literally) for the new veggie and flower garden beds for next year. Its a lot of tilling, a lot of composting, and really doesn't make for great photography!  ... So I will distract you with more pretty garden sunflowers until I can give you something to show for all of my labor!

I did manage to harvest the seeds from one of the red sunflowers that was growing in my garden. My friend gave me seedlings, so I don't know what variety they are - but I now have over 100 seeds stored in an envelope for next year, and to hand out to friends. :)  Unlike the giant yellow beast you see above, the red sunflowers grow multiple smaller flowers. I think they're unexpected little things. Really fun!

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layne said...

beautiful pictures!