Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Great Green Bean Harvest!

This weekend, a dream of mine finally came true. To my husband's great dismay, I am the owner of a hard workin' little garden gnome. I have named him David Tiberius Frack - Frack being the only hint I'll give you as its my last name. :) 

I think he has already brought a great deal of luck to the garden, as I came home today to find 80 fresh little green beans ready for the pickin'!  Its the first true harvest from the garden, and I couldn't be more proud.  I have successfully grown something edible. While my strawberries may fail, my onions may fail, my potatoes may fail - its pretty safe to say I grew me some beans. 80 to be exact, and many more on the vine not ready for harvesting.

A few are slated for some home made chicken pot pie tomorrow.  Must find some good green bean recipes. Anyone have some? :)


Deige said...

I learned the hard way to pick them before the pods are too full and bumpy. Otherwise when prepared they will be tough and woody.

We love to eat green beans simply steamed with a bit of butter and lightly salted and peppered. Prepared that way, they are my son's favorite.

I love your garden gnome!

Monty Full said...

I love him too! Did you ever watch David the Gnome when you were a kid? I was obsessed with that show. Every time I look at that statue, I get the warm fuzzies. :)

Deige said...

I've never heard of David the Gnome. I shall google him.

Monty Full said...

Youtube it! Here: