Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Garden: Supporting cast

 Although I am a novice at gardening, I have a few local friends who know a lot. I've managed to collect a random bunch of flowers & herbs from these generous friends, and threw them into pots. My motto for gardening this year is "throw it all in and see what happens", so I didn't turn down anything.  A short break down of what I have growing in pots:

- Basil
- Sunflowers
- A random evergreen
- Cilantro
- Parsley
- Mustard
- Lemon Balm
- Lemon Verbana
- Strawberries
- Chocolate Mint
- Spearmint
- Peppermint
- Garlic Chives
- Strawberries

I'm sure I have forgotten a bunch, but that's the gist of it. The potted plants have taught me my first big lesson of the year: Maybe you want to water things occasionally. We've had some pretty consistent rain - once or twice a week, so I have been doing little to no watering throughout this spring. I had placed all of my potted plants in the dorect sunlight, and treated them like the rest of my vegetable garden. I nearly lost all of them!  They had turned brown, dried up and sickly within a matter of a week, until it dawned on me that they were probably not getting enough water (since the potting soil is so light and airy compared to my dirt).

The Lemon Verbana is probably the hardest hit. Its a crispy little twig, but in the past week it has sprung back to life. There are little green sprouts coming back. Its not dead yet, but its definitely in the ICU.

The basil was bought at a grocery store on a whim. I walked by and couldn't resist the smell. Surprising how different it smells than dried basil - which I don't like at all. It was also pretty fried by the sun (and previously frostbitten by one weird night in May). Its been through a lot, but it has also regained a little life. The leaves are somewhat shriveled from their original state - but I see promise in this one. I stuck an aqua globe in it for a little extra watery security. I would really like to see this guy live for my own selfish reasons - I want that basil for my homemade tomato sauce!!!  Herbs seem to be a little more sensitive to temperature and water fluctuations than other plants. Basil seems to be one of the more sensitive herbs...or maybe I've just man handled it. :)

Sunflowers and mint in these 2 pots. I'm really excited about the sunflowers. I don't know what variety they are. They are another plant I obtained from a friend as a little sprout. I'm amazed at how straight their stems are. Growing straight up with no help from me. I'll probably have to transfer them soon. I assume sooner or later they're going to get a little top heavy. Hrm.

Potted plants: Lesson learned. Water frequently. Keep out of scorching sunlight. Got it.  No casualties yet this year, but oh sooo close.

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